Why Should You Use URL Shorteners?

Why Should You Use URL Shorteners?


Why Should You Use URL Shorteners?


A URL shortener is a service that takes long URLs and transforms it into a short URL.

You can have an over 150 characters URL, and a URL shortener can convert it into a less than 10 character URL, making it easier to manage and send. 

URLat is one of the best URL shortener to transform your lengthy URLs into a short URL, send it to anyone you want, and monitor traffic statistics. 

Since the rise in popularity of social media platforms, Twitter especially, the demand for URL shorteners, has skyrocketed. 

Here are a few reasons explaining why you should use URL shorteners. 


URL shortener make links more manageable 

What is more manageable and easier to share?

A 150-character long URL or a 15-character long URL! Your answer is certainly the 15-character long URL. 

Understandably, URLs are typically long given the SEO factors as they provide an idea about the content a specific URL possesses.

However, it’s difficult to share such lengthy URLs on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

Using a URL shortener, lengthy URLs are converted into short URLs, and they become easy to manage.

Using URLat, you can transform a long URL to a short URL and share wherever you want.


URL shortener promotes sharing

Shortening a URL lets you fit more content into limited spaces. Let’s say you want to tweet something on Twitter that includes sharing a link to a post, mentioning the actual link will take up all the space allowed in a single tweet. Using a URL shortener, you can reduce the URL to a few characters, mention it in your tweet, and explain what it is about. 

A vast portion of internet users uses smartphones to explore the internet. It’s easier to write a shortened URL than an actual URL having an extensive length. 


URL shortener can monitor traffic statistics

One great feature that comes with URL shorteners is live click data. Several other statistics like geographical location, web page link where the shortened URL was clicked, and other related data. This type of information is very vital and help improve the way you target your audience. 

With URLat, you can’t only shorten your URLs but can access traffic statistics to make the economy more efficient. 

You can put a shortened URL to your profile on all social media handles. Use the same link to post across all platforms. It’s much easier to track and monitor a single link's statistics than to post different links and hunt down each version to track its statistics. 


A short URL looks more appealing than a long URL

When you use a shortened URL, you’re more likely to catch your target audience's attention than a lengthy URL. Statistically proven, people are more likely to click on a shortened URL after reading the explanation than to click on a lengthy URL. The reason is it looks catchy, and people get intrigued to find out what it contains.

If you frequently share your website’s links here and there, then use the best URL shortener.  

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